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TMS Family Travel Conference
"Building Your Brand Across Channels"

September 20-23, 2013

Sheraton at the Falls/Conference Center

Niagara Falls, NY

From September 20-23, 2013, 35 Family Travel Media joined 35 Major Sponsors in Niagara Falls for the 3rd TMS Family Travel Conference. Throughout the hands-on workshops, sponsor sessions and offsite visits, these travel influencers shared their experiences with their own audiences - and continue to do so - via blogs, videos, photos and myriad social media channels.
Veronica Stoddardt of USA Today
Catherine Hamm of LA Times
Keith Bellows of National Geographic Traveler
Rob Burgos of Full Circle Post
John di Scala of JohnnyJet
Jyl Johnson Pattee of MomItForward
Kara Williams of The Vacation Gals
Nancy Schretter of
Mara Gorman of Mother of All Trips
Kit Bernardi of Midwest Living Magazine and SATW
Kaleel Sakakeeny of New Media Travel
Schedule coming soon!
Conference Report
TMS Family Travel, along with the following sponsors, is proud to present
"Building Your Brand Across Channels".
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TMS Family Travel TMS Family Travel TMS Family Travel TMS Family Travel TMS Family Travel
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